Final Reflection

Hello everyone, this semester came to an end and I wanted to share things that I learned in my Core class as it helped me to talk more about them, share them with other people, and understand the course.

One of the major things that helped me learning in the course was joining the Soliya program. It made me more understanding and a good listener too. I used to listen to other people stories about their cultures. I also learned about their cultures, which is my favorite thing to do is to travel and explore cultures. I really learned from Soliya a lot of things as to communicate with other people and to understand their differences.

Another thing that I learned from this course is not to believe anything on the internet as the pop-up lines or ads with grabbing photos. It seems to be real, but one has to search about the topic in order to find it is real or not. Also, it was my first time experiencing google forms in order to create the digital narrative game, I really enjoyed listening to other people’s obstacles in the streets. It was so enjoyable and

The class discussions were above them all. In my honest opinion, I see that class discussion were the ones that helped me to fully understand most of the topics. Their ideas about the topics  throughout the semester helped me to know more about each topic.

These were all the things that I enjoyed learning them the most. On the other hand, I think that either Curation or Contribute assignments would be added, because I find a similarity between them.


One thought on “Final Reflection

  1. You have a point Farah… maybe I can modify the curation assignment to be bring at least ONE new thing in your curation…and that would be the contribution. Although…some people said that they felt more able to contribute nearer end of class…hmm.. thinking 🙂


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