Phase 3: The game

My game will include the situations that specific type of people in the Egyptian street face. It will also tackle how they feel about these situations and how they are able to deal with the consequences. The situations will be deprived from people’s previous experiences.

And here is the link to my game:


3 thoughts on “Phase 3: The game

  1. I really like your game, as you’ve put me in the situation of being blind and actually being very close to dying!! This is a very good way of making me emphasize with others who have some kind of disabilities!!


  2. Hi Farah. The blind portion of the game is well developed so I suggest you focus on this one. I also suggest you use the term “people with disabilities” rather than “disabled people” and that you clarify how you got your inspiration and ideas. Even though I really liked your game, I felt that it was not realistic as blind people probably get around in Egypt despite difficulties. So I would have liked to see a scenario (or more) where the person does not die…but you can still show the amount of obstacles they overcome. For example, at some point you mention listening for audio… but i don’t know how noisy the metro is.
    I would try asking someone who works with blind folks or try going to the metro station and making sure of certain things.
    So for now, skip the other disabilities and focus on the blind person…and improve on those scenarios.
    Please also put references for pictures you use.


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