Digital Games!

After playing the street sweeper’s game, I thought of creating a similar idea of my digital game. The game was so powerful that it made me imagine myself as if I am in the street sweeper’s shoes. While trying many games, but that game still my favorite.

-The game had really challenging situations and that poor innocent street cleaner has no say to what happen to him or her only to survive.

I thought of creating the same idea, but for the disabled people in the Egyptian transportation. I really want to see the challenges they face in the Egyptian streets and how they are getting used to it. Also, when you are in that person’s place, you really feel the pain and the struggle they already experience.

  • For the street sweeper’s game:



6 thoughts on “Digital Games!

      1. I love your game idea! If you want some information about disability and access in the United States, you might check out these websites: – The federal government’s Department of Transportation page – The Los Angeles transit authority’s page – This is a study by the National Institutes for Health on barriers to access for disabled people

        Good luck with your project!


  1. I really loved your idea!! you should consider getting information from Alhassan Foundation which basically tailors facilities to make them more disabled friendly, so knowing what features they’ve changed in facilities will give you a deeper insight into what disabled persons need and how they feel.


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