Twitter Scavenger Hunt


The whole idea of the Twitter Scavenger Hunt was exciting and interesting; it was based on interacting and communicating with your classmates and also people all around the globe. We were given the chance to communicate with each other and to know about our interests in finding the story behind each one of us “mystery” object. Not only communicating with my classmates, I also found out that some people all around the world are communicating with us too by using the hashtag #unboundeq, and actually they guessed what were these mysterious objects? The whole activity was fun and helpful in getting to know more about my classmates and learning their names in a totally different way.



3 thoughts on “Twitter Scavenger Hunt

  1. How did you do at guessing mystery objects? Did you have a favorite? I sometimes “get” them right away and if I don’t, they become almost impossible to figure out. Maybe I’m making my brain work too hard? 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Thinking about things that are too hard to guess what they are reminds me of always having an answer. Not because I understand but because as an adult it’s my role to know everything. (Not sure where I learned that?) When talking to my daughters the looks on their faces are a warning that my certainty is pushing the limits. They know when I’m making it up.
    But it is hard to not know sometimes and admit it. I worked with teachers showing them simple computer skills and sometimes we’d have to have the office door closed before they’d relax and be able to say “I don’t know.” They didn’t want someone hearing them admit that. Being seen as the person “knows” all day in class.I think made it hard to even guess at an answer.


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