Phase 3: The game

My game will include the situations that specific type of people in the Egyptian street face. It will also tackle how they feel about these situations and how they are able to deal with the consequences. The situations will be deprived from people’s previous experiences.

And here is the link to my game:


Digital Games!

After playing the street sweeper’s game, I thought of creating a similar idea of my digital game. The game was so powerful that it made me imagine myself as if I am in the street sweeper’s shoes. While trying many games, but that game still my favorite.

-The game had really challenging situations and that poor innocent street cleaner has no say to what happen to him or her only to survive.

I thought of creating the same idea, but for the disabled people in the Egyptian transportation. I really want to see the challenges they face in the Egyptian streets and how they are getting used to it. Also, when you are in that person’s place, you really feel the pain and the struggle they already experience.

  • For the street sweeper’s game:


Digital Games

Game 1: The game is about animal rights and it is really interesting because it is done for a cause, specifically stray dogs who are abused and mistreated by humans. The most interesting thing about the game is that it gives you the illusion of talking to a human in general and then it gets more detailed when you answer more questions related to people you can meet in the street. The game made me feel that feeling the street dogs feel on street because they are mistreated by people. There is something that I really want to point out in the game is that these stray dogs may bother you on the street, what you need to do is to stay away from them but not to bother or harm them.


2: I tried the “Sleep-Deprived Mom” game, even for me it wasn’t relevant at all. But I liked the idea of trying the feeling of that poor single mom facing everyday something new with her baby girl. All I wanted to do was to take care of my child and to postpone everything later just to fulfill my child’s needs. I ended up in the end of getting not enough sleep, but at the end I saved my child’s life from getting her feel better and also hanging out together to make her not to feel about her father’s absence.


  1. The street sweeper game was too powerful that it made me answer most of the questions as I am in the street-cleaner’s shoes. Even that I wasn’t willing to answer these questions in that way, but this is the reality that the creator of the game wanted to reveal it out. All the responses were true and actually reflects the issues that street-sweepers face in Cairo. A thing that I didn’t like in the game is that when I had to choose between getting the anti-depressants medications or not, my health got worse and wasn’t able to go to work and now I’m fired. It is true at some point but the idea of getting me fired must have other steps than getting fired immediately.


  1. Spent game was interesting even that I lost in the 11th day, but it was worth the experience of having very little amount of money and at the same time you have to fulfill your needs and wants. I liked the way it was created and everything had a shocking answer that continues to the last dollar you had.


  1. About the BBC game, I picked Egypt as an example, it was annoying and depressing to be in someone else’s shoes. But it gave me the idea of being a refugee in Egypt, got kicked out of his country and trying to save people’s lives and even caring about getting money to provide a living for his family. I enjoyed the game and it also brought many ideas to my digital game that I will do later, I thought of doing something related to refugees or something.

Empathy and Bias

Empathy and Bias is really a good topic to talk about in the digital literacy class. It really brings so many topics to talk about people and cultures. I learned not to generalize and not to build false assumptions on people because they are different or came from a different background. I really liked when we talked about Saudis and Egyptians and the commonalities and the differences between them. This was so exciting as all the class were engaging and adding some ideas to the topic. Also, the best part when some of us tell a story that they have experienced when they travelled abroad, especially at airports. #unboundeq

Digital Literacies

-The part that I liked the most and I think that I am confident at was creating and innovating area. I really love to create something new and even focus more on the small details in anything that I can produce. And about the areas of improvement that I wish to develop throughout the semester is that to develop my presentation skills and focus more on talking with people and presenting my ideas and thoughts so we, both could learn from each other’s ideas and opinions.

-Digital skills and digital literacy is basically about one can know how to open a text message or an email for example, and also to be a digital literate is how to use these skills in a proper efficient way and benefit from it. Also based on my readings, to be good at using digital literacy, is to be able to distinguish between the good and fake news that always appear on our devices daily!

  • Wikipedia‘s explanation of the term “Digital Literacy” was good as it basically explains the simplest meaning of “Digital Literacy”. And it gives you more examples to understand more the meaning of the term.
  • #Diglit. I found out many examples on digital literacies, specially made for kids. aS i found 2 main articles that discuss how to learn and find about literacy in our lives for middle school kids and also the other one was to see and learn numbers in different ways. The other interesting part was someone created a whole article about “Cyberbullying guide for parents” so they can read it and apply what they have read to prevent their to bully or to be bullied and also to raise awareness about that issue in schools.
  • “Digital Literacy”: -surrounded by wide range of skills, that are able to succeed in the digital world. -the ability to use, create, and innovate information by having both technical and cognitive skills.
  • “Digital Skills”: -any skills that can make you able to be digital literate, to be confident about using your computer skills and innovating them into producing something useful.
  • “Digital Fluency”: -is more broader than literacy, and being fluent requires abilities to go beyond the skills. 
  • What are the differences between digital literacies, digital fluency and digital skills? How are these concepts related? They are all related because if you have the digital skills, you are on the right path that leads you to use digital literacy effectively. And if you are really good at both of these capabilities, you are more than expert in using these tools and you can use them in the most efficient way.
  • -Yes, I think it is a reliable source. That actually explains the whole idea of digital literacy.
  • Most of them were good sources, but the quality was medium.
  1.  What you decide are the most important elements of digital literacies, given the Egyptian context and your own personal context. -Using the digital literacies in a moral way. And I consider that Safety & Privacy are the main two factors that are important in our society. By using these skills and literacies in the right way, one can be able to protect himself and his data too and secure it while browsing for any reason.
  2. Please include links of the references you use and look at, and what you find interesting in them, or what you would critique about them -While searching on twitter for the hashtag #diglit, I found out many useful links and articles that people shared. One of them was the “Cyberbullying guide for parents”, which actually was too beneficial for them to read to be able to help their children and raise their self-esteem. And raise awareness too to avoid cyberbullying at schools.  A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents | WizCase
  3. Your reflections on the activity (please conduct the activity as instructed in this module) –This activity was totally different and new to me. This was the first time for me to annotate something online and actually to know what is annotation. The idea of having tremendous replies on what you’ve just read was great and it instantly brought me with a lot of thoughts to share with other people. The good thing about that it was the same as Twitter Scavenger Hunt activity; and you add comments to others’ and talk to them online.

Exploring the “Stations”

  • I picked two stations “Presentation Skills” and “Understanding Digital Images”
  • First, I chose to learn more about the presentation skills, because i thought that I really need to enhance and focus more about delivering my ideas and thoughts to other people. So I just started by opening the lesson to be able to understand what are the tips for a good delivery. I learned that a good presentation always starts with a good planing and easy simple steps that one must follow to present a good interesting topic. Second, I learned that using these visual aids and playing some videos help in understanding more about the topic and grab the audience’s attention too even if the presentation is too long. Last, the idea of delivering a good presentation is actually one must know exactly what he or she is talking about and to clearly understand the key aspects that he or she is discussing.
  • “Understanding Digital Images” was really interesting and informative to read and learn about it in details. I found out that we have to know about the pixels and the dimensions of the images that we select anywhere to be able to edit and produce a good quality image. And also the interesting part for me was choosing the colors of an image and basically what colors to choose to produce a good quality image. I learned that actually red and green backgrounds are always good for producing an image of a flower, but blue backgrounds always produce zero effect for a picture.

Twitter Scavenger Hunt


The whole idea of the Twitter Scavenger Hunt was exciting and interesting; it was based on interacting and communicating with your classmates and also people all around the globe. We were given the chance to communicate with each other and to know about our interests in finding the story behind each one of us “mystery” object. Not only communicating with my classmates, I also found out that some people all around the world are communicating with us too by using the hashtag #unboundeq, and actually they guessed what were these mysterious objects? The whole activity was fun and helpful in getting to know more about my classmates and learning their names in a totally different way.